Travis – a fascinating individual whom I, William personally have followed for many years and he is one of the people who uplift me when I needed it the absolute most.
He is currently living on a farm in Hawaii is regularly posting content on YouTube and Instagram where he is doing his best (and succeeding) in uplifting and motivating the community.

Started becoming public during his time as a very strong and smart Magic the Gathering player (2011?) there haven’t been any point in where he have let me down – and a couple of years ago he “all of a sudden” became super active on social medias.
He have now published a couple of books, have a free educational course available online as well as a paid mentorship program.
(I am unsure if he still has spots left in his busy schedule, why don’t you try reaching out?)


Travis is encouraging you to join the 30 Day No Weed Challenge! Can you do it? I sure as hell don’t believe that I can..
Are you up for a challenge? Join us and see it as an extended tolerance break 😉

If you are having difficulties – then Travis is offering a 30 day “Habit Mastery” program in order to ease out your addictions.
No matter what addiction you have he swears that this is the way 🙂

He also adopted the absolutely cutest and happy dog!

Travis Woo have the superpower of always providing me with insights that I benefit from hearing – and this has been the way for many years, I wish that I had been more loyal and prioritized the notifications that pop up on my phone on every video he publishes. I recommend you do the same if one of these two videos speak to you – otherwise you will most likely forget about him, a notification will almost only come once a week.

In the following video Travis is reminding us that smoking Cannabis isn’t a “cool” thing to do; although it is often believed to be so by the younger generation.

At the very least I deemed myself as cool as a teenager when I were continously smoking weed.
Have a listen!