BestBuds Blockchain.
Built for security.


Blockchain Technology at Core.

Using state of the art blockchain technology at;
BestBuds platform will create a secure CBD
supplychain on a digital ledger system stored across a variety of networks

Keeping Records

To safely store all of the records; in a detailed manner systematically logging everything of value whilst CBD moves across the system’s various supply stages.

Encrypted & Secure

All records will be individually encrypted and secured across a decentralized network of nodes; from seed breeding and cultivation to official product test certificates and supply transactions

Ensured Well-Being

Our core blockchain functions - combined with supply chain modules; will ensure all participants health and well-being within the CBD industry.

With the combination of governance, standards, and interoperability, the technology provided
by BestBuds; are to enable convenient data publishing and controlled sharing of information, providing solutions for access to a shared view of the ecosystem.
Items in the supply chain will be located quickly and easily by querying various identifiers, including product names, universal product codes, global trade item numbers, and timeline filters.
Bestbuds will store all accessible data on blockchain ledgers, which are protected with the highest levels of tamper-resistant encryption.


A smart contract consists of lines of code that execute automatically when predetermined terms and conditions are met; carrying out contractual clauses and storing them on the blockchain. In business collaborations –  they enforce agreements in a trustworthy manner without the need for intermediaries.

As processes are increasingly digitized, they provide a means to optimize many business and financial processes. BestBuds are to develop smart contracts based on the latest blockchain technology in order to give rise to our new ecosystem.

This is in order to support business relationships and transparency within the hemp and CBD industry.


Benefits of Bestbuds Smart Contracts:

Speed & Accuracy

Smart contracts streamline business processes, reduce the friction between parties, and execute business agreements automatically — all whilst guaranteeing the quality and origin of information, goods, and services.


All transactional blockchain records are encrypted, making them very hard, if not impossible, to crack. In order for a single document to be changed, the entire chain would need altering as each individual record is connected to the previous and subsequent records on a distributed network.


Success is built on a foundation of trust. Smart contracts are immutable, execute automatically, always act according to their rules, and store encrypted transaction records across a shared ledger.


All CBD supply chain activities, including (but not limited to) the buying, testing, selling, manufacturing, storage, and transportation of CBD products, will be tracked and traced on our blockchain platform. The incorporation of smart contracts will ensure an extra level of assurance as well as safety; especially when servicing wholesalers or other companies which are utilizing BestBuds blockchain platform.


As participants trust the visible data and the technology can be relied upon to execute transactions properly, smart contracts remove the need for intermediaries. Agreements terms are built into the contracts, so there is no need for additional verification.