Aspiring to become affiliated with BestBuds?

Becoming an affiliate can mean tons of different things; we are looking for numerous different individuals to partner up with.

If you are a rapper, a stage performer, or are actively interacting with a lot of individuals?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

What is in it for you?

Well, imagine having a Bestbuds crew staff (or yourself if preferred) throwing out rolling paper, cones and merchandise from your stage onto your crowd to give them a very unique experience of the show!

Do you believe in our marketing team and would like to sell your products in our webshop?

Do you have a webshop yourself and wish to sell Bestbuds associated merch on your website? We are all ears!

Contact us, really! No matter what suggestion that you might have – we are good at listening and could help out in finalizing the idea that you posess.

BestBuds consists of a constantly expanding network of individuals with their own areas of expertise.

All the needs that arise on your own road to success will most likely be fixed through a collaboration with us.

Do you need a graphic designer? Do you have a website that needs coding? We can walk you through it.