Leading Company. Robust Network.

BestBuds is a leading integrated Organic legal cannabis company with a robust network of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships.

With state-of-the-art production facilities and exclusive sales agreements in the European Union and beyond;
BestBuds aims to operate around the globe pursuing current as well as emerging cannabis markets. 

Through the Company’s unparalleled pace of execution and commitment to innovation, BestBuds is about to be one of the world’s largest and the fastest growing legal cannabis company that is continue elevating and challenging industry standards.

Located in Sweden.
Focused On

The company is headquartered in Skara, Sweden and focused is on the emerging legal cannabis industry.

BestBuds is not a ‘merely’ Cannabis platform but we are striving to become a community which are intended to grow the user(s) as well as the societies which we function within.

We will allow individuals as well as entities to sell their services; and organic vegetables and fruits in wholesale a.la containers from the source(s).

Bestbuds Aims to Have

Bestbuds provides a wide range of information on cannabis consumer product reviews, cannabis articles and resources and verified strains in its database.

BestBuds is aiming to provide;




Cannabis Brands

with e-commerce tools such as digital storefronts, embedded menus, point-of-sale integrations, targeted advertising and more.