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Have you heard about Nano yet? No?

Nano is a cunning state of the art technology which I, so far cannot see any reason why it wouldn’t triumph as the winner of this era.

In this era we have hundreds of different candidates (in the cryptocurrency) which all have been choices for an alternative to the previous financial instruments.
The top contender for quite some time in the eyes of the public has been; Bitcoin or BTC for short.

I strongly believe in Nano as taking the #1 spot of the publicly available financial instrument.
Included beneath is an outdated demonstration from 2019.

Wallet for your Apple & Google devices:

Web-browser based wallet:

Below are some faucet’s mentioned in the above video in order to get you started & to demonstrate the quick transaction speed.

There is countless of sources for information on this new, cunning state of the art technology which ought to be utilized in various applications throughout the upcoming times.

In order to delve further into it I do highjly recommend ;
As we all know – Reddit is your Best friend nonetheless no matter what subject we delve into; almost…


Two Subreddits:

In order to get started with Nano at once – what I deeply recommend is to download Natrium to your telephone, clicking on the links above in order to claim some free Nano from the faucets to see the transaction speed.

Afterwards; I would personally go for a game of Quake in order to earn some Nano.
The community circulating around Nano is super impressive!

Try to find us online at Wednesday 18:00 (GMT +1, Stockholm)

Now when you have been able to register a wallet, play quake and receive free nano from the faucets – if you trust us and are convinced that there is a future within this currency; in order to buy some NANO there is different alternatives:

How to buy Nano;

Now a days there is multiply options of exchanges on where to buy Nano seeing as the price is continuously increasing almost all crypt actors wants a piece of the pie. is charging 3% per transfer whilst utilizing a debit card. is a great option whilst in Europe
Kraken is the most recommended exchange and ban be utilised in order to buy Nano with only a 0.25% transaction fee.

      “You should avoid buying with card, that’s the most expensive way for buying crypto. I personally make a sepa transfer to my kraken account and then I buy with 0.25% fee. Kraken is one of the most liquid exchanges for nano.” – SatoshiE2


Mining NANO?!

Although mining NANO isn’t a possibility – a better solution offered by 2miners is to mine Etherium/Bitcoin and transition your payouts into Nano whilst utilizing the service provided by 2miners.
This decreases the transactions fees and allows you to score a higher yield.

Throughout a 4 hour period on a regular computer I have mined 0.000144 ETH whilst I have utilized my computer in order to work.

It obviously isn’t much – but when the number has reached 0.0005 it will be deposited to my Natrium wallet and I will give you an update.

I started to mine today and it has been a thrill full experience and I will continuously update this post in order to let you know.

Our Nano Adress is available at:

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